RSI has a proven track record of consulting service for all phases of data center implementation and operation. We are experienced in meeting and exceeding client requirements both in Japan and abroad.

  • Data center selection
  • Data center design
  • Project management of data center relocation
  • Project management of data center implementation
  • Project management of server room installation
  • Construction management including scheduling, budgeting, etc.
  • Design of infrastructure cabling
  • Standardization of multiple datacenter facilities such as HVAC, Elec, Fire prevention systems
  • Equipment selection (server rack, patch panel, cables, etc.) to best suit your needs
  • Installation and relocation of the IT devices such as servers and network devices
  • Facilitation of regular meeting with client, vendors and other parties
  • Bilingual support
  • RFP support
  • Business continuity planning
  • Data center operation consulting

Data Center Project Management

Since data center projects involve various fields of expertise including construction, facilities, and IT, the process requires a management team with expertise in data center PM. In most cases, projects must also work with special designs or time constraints, and if they involve parties overseas, the processes become even more complex and challenging. RSI is capable of offering data center project management services that flexibly address all of these issues to lead projects on time and within budget.

Data Center Experts

Data centers now play a crucial role in enhancing business efficiency while addressing environmental issues in rapidly diversifying business environments. Even in a market downturn, there will be an increasing demand for data center services. Despite this, there are few individuals and companies actually capable of providing professional expertise specializing in the data center field. Since establishment, RSI has been providing consulting services for data center structuring, design, and operations, meeting various needs of clients in Japan and abroad. We have the experience and expertise as a data center consulting firm to offer quality services and total support for our clients in the following areas.