RSI's two core values

In the modern world which requires us to process huge volumes of information, maximizing the performance of IT infrastructures is considered to be one of the most important elements in a successful business. Contingency planning and environmental/energy issues have also been added to the list of things companies need to consider in recent years. RSI provides solutions that address issues faced by modern businesses, with its two core values of quality performance and client-oriented services.

Quality performance

RSI has extensive knowledge in cutting-edge data centers and IT facility management. This rich knowledge and know-how allows us to offer optimal solutions for our clients.

All RSI consultants have extensive hands-on experience in various projects including those with global companies. As well as communications between overseas staff and clients, we are capable of addressing projects that require the preparation of reports, RFPs, and other documents or dialog in English.

Client-oriented services

RSI examines issues from the same standpoint as our clients and works on projects sharing the same goals.

"To flexibly address client needs."

"To continue providing trustworthy services."

These are the mottos we live by when supporting our clients.

As an independent consulting firm, RSI has always placed great emphasis on providing solutions based on fair evaluation processes to ensure satisfaction. We firmly believe that maintaining a neutral stance as a consultant is a great benefit to our clients.