What is Immersion Cooling?


Immersion Cooling is a technology employed in data centers to reduce the heat in hardware through submersion of servers in a terminally non-conductive liquid.

It does not use air to cool servers. There are several liquid options but the most common ones are Fluorinert™ Fluorinated dialectric liquid and Oil-based cooling.

Oil base system Fluorinert™ Fluorinated dialectric liquid base system


This technology works best for servers with one or more heavy duty GPUs and CPUs as well as in super computer, AI and Deep learning environments.
Most server brands should work fine after some modification and part replacement but manufacture warranty may be obsolete after some parts are replaced.

Therefore, we recommend using server brands tested and shipped with manufacture warranty. Please note that server parts needed in Air-based cooling such as fans and heatsinks become unnecessary in Immersion Cooled servers.

It has many major benefits for the business, some of which listed below.

  • This technology reduces cooling power requirements by 80%.
  • Reduces data center space requirement significantly providing high density high performance computing environment.
  • 100kW of equipment can fit in 25 sq. m
  • Cooling capacity of up to 200kW per rack (50U)
  • Utility cost will be much less than traditional cooling systems

If you want to know more about this technology, or see a live Immersion Cooling system at work in a data center please visit our demo room.

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